Our HR Services

Employee Relations


We believe not all leaders like to handle the sticky employee stuff.  We can take the lead and manage your uncomfortable employee situations. 

And, when you need our assistance in creating an action plan for an employee investigation or help with setting the right expectations with employees, we can assist with these, too.

 We have handled hundreds of performance and behavior situations to appropriate resolution.  We can guide you through any reorganization or change conversations, too.

  • Work Place Investigations
  • Performance Challenges
  • Employee Separations
  • Policy Creation & Revision
  • Discrimination / Harassment Education
  • Reorganization & Change Messaging

Strategic HR Planning


We believe employee engagement is an essential ingredient to a thriving business.  And, when employee engagement is optimized, your customer's experience is too.


We can assist you with strengthening your culture, figure out the best ways to attract the right talent, reward and recognize your workforce consistently, and make sure your managers are equipped with the tools to make the best talent decisions.

If you are in need of strategic HR consultation, let’s talk about how myHRpeeps can help your workforce thrive.

  • Employee Engagement 
  • Recognition / Reward 
  • Workplace Flexibility Programs
  • Succession Planning
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Communication Strategies
  • Diversity & Inclusion best practices

HR Project Management


 We believe we have a diverse project management toolkit.  With our years of HR knowledge, wisdom and experience, we have developed, led and executed too many projects to count.

Is your turnover heading north?  Are you experiencing hiring challenges or simply need assistance with emerging compliance trends we can assist.

If you are just starting your business venture or experiencing growth, we can assist.  When your managers need a specific HR training or tips on coaching with best in class ways to build teams we got it.  

  • HR Analysis
  • Job Description Creation / Review
  • New Employee Orientation Program
  • Talent Acquisition Initiatives
  • Interview Tips & Best Practices
  • Outplacement Services
  • Resume Writing